Parga ORO

Fine Jewellery & Watches
since 1950

The Efthymiadis family has involved in the jewellery industry for several decades. Back to the 1950, Avraam Efthymiadis founded his own business firm and started the long journey to success.

Subsequently, Avraam’s son, Aristeidis took over the business and developed it into a contemporary and authentic jewellery store.

Now, Aristeidis with his two sons, Avraam and Dimitris, combining his experience with their knowledge, represent the best Greek jewellery manufacturers and the most popular watch brands.

Avraam Efthymiadis

Diamond Grading Appraiser Gem-A Great Britain
Certified Diamond Grader HRD Antwerp

Dimitris Efthymiadis

Certified Diamond Grader HRD Antwerp